Stakeholder Network

Dr Carla Luís is the coordinator of VotedHR – Elections, Democracy and Human Rights, at CES – Coimbra. VotedHR works closely with electoral agencies, workers and electoral stakeholders, providing support and building sectoral knowledge. Carla works and teaches in the area of Electoral Observation, Electoral Justice, among others. Carla has carried out work in the area of Elections and Democracy, with international and national institutions, as International IDEA, ODIHR-OSCE, UNDP, and others. Member of the International Advisory Board of The Electoral Integrity Project, where she has also been a visiting researcher in 2015. She is a board member of the Portuguese National Electoral Commission since 2010 and a BRIDGE certified trainer.
Latest publications: Luís, Carla (2021), Free and Fair Elections to Electoral Integrity: Trends, Challenges, and Populism, in Walter Leal Filho et al (org.), Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Springer.

Mr Régis Trannoy hold a Law degree from the Catholic University of Louvain (2001) and a Diploma of Complementary Studies in Public Affairs (2002) from the same university. He has been actively involved in the organization of elections in Belgium since 2007. Currently, he is General Councilor and Head of the Elections Unit at the Federal Public Service Interior. Within this unit, Mr Trannoy ensures that the legal aspects of the organization of elections are reconciled with the technological and “security” aspects of the software used for elections in Belgium, while also supervising the simplification and rationalization of the administrative and legal processes of the unit.