The project is led by the University of Helsinki with partners from University College Cork and the University of Liège.

University of Helsinki was founded in 1640. Since then, University of Helsinki has educated nine presidents, four Nobel prize winners and thousands of leaders in politics, science, culture and economics. In global university rankings, the University of Helsinki usually ranks among the top 100. Nowadays, more than 30,000 people study and nearly 10,000 people work at the University of Helsinki, divided in 11 faculties.

The University of Helsinki team, who are coordinating the project, is comprised of Professor Åsa von Schoultz, Dr Johanna Peltoniemi and Adjunct Professor Staffan Himmelroos.

University College Cork was founded in 1845 and has grown to be a large university with over 23,000 students. The university is located on a campus of 42 acres and has 3,000 staff. UCC was named Sunday Times university of the year on five occasions, most recently in 2017.

Dr Theresa Reidy leads the UCC contribution to the project.

University of Liège, founded in 1817, is a fully public insitution in French-speaking Belgium that consists of 4 campuses, 11 facilities, 5,500 staff members and over 25,000 students.

Prof Jean-Michel Lafleur and Dr Daniela Vintilia, from the Centre for Ethic and Migration Studies (CEDEM) of the Faculty of Social Sciences, form the ULiège team of the MOBILEU project.